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Trigenics® is a full-body neurologically based assessment and treatment system designed to reduce pain, increase mobility, and improve strength. 
Trigenics® treatments combine three treatments including focused diaphragmatic breathing, proprioceptive mechanoreceptor distortion, and resisted reflex neurology into one for a cumulative and synergistic effect


We Deliver an integrative therapy to treat physical pain, imbalance and expedite pain relief, healing and enhance performance.


Trigenics® Physio-Rehab Centre

Trigenics® works by combining 3 treatment techniques which are applied at the same time for a therapeutic synergistic effect on the nervous system which is much greater than if you only applied one.

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Resistive exercise neurology

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Muscle nerve-sensor stimulation

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Bio-feedback breathing

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We believe in the power of holistic medicine. Combining treatment systems allows us to treat every person.


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