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Barbera Fitchette

I have a condition common in women as they age - a type of arthritis called degenerative disc disease. I began treatment with a chiropractor who was hired by Trigenics earlier this past summer. Dr. Watson, after my twenty years of dealing with pain, is the ultimate without exaggeration of the multitude of helpers I have been treated by to be effectively helping me to relieve pain with his help and my help too (exercises because he can't do it all), Let me explain.
First of all, Dr. Watson is warm, welcoming and funny (sense of humour used as distraction is one of his favourite tricks).
Dr. Watson combines techniques in a single treatment that may include massage, recognizing all my trigger points, spending a long time with me, helping me to have genuine hope. He is patient with his patients all the way and will demonstrate movements until I get things right. Dr. Watson is a doctor whose hands are gifted, with long fingers that seem to glide even when he has to hurt me. His hands, arms, legs, move all around me. I enjoy my treatment which isn't often said to these practitioners. I have accustomed myself with an inner voice which is Dr. Watson's .I imagine he wouldn't be pleased if I neglected to do my part, according to his instructions. So, just as he helps me during our sessions and has shown me how to evolve in helping him do his job by compassionately and with definite results, enhanced by spinal decompression , I continue the process at home. I know that he can't do everything without my help in building my strength, stretching my muscles, breathing properly. It sounds kind of funny, but as he explains everything before he does it, treating me like his assistant, although he doesn't need one. I have been treated by a lot of chiropractors and have no hesitation in recommending anyone with treatable conditions to come to see Dr. Watson, who is one of a kind. I feel it's important to let the person be aware and involved in recovering from acute and chronic conditions.

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