I have a condition common in women as they age - a type of arthritis called degenerative disc disease. I began treatment with a chiropractor who was hired by Trigenics earlier this past summer. Dr. Watson, after my twenty years of dealing with pain, is the ultimate without exaggeration of the multitude of helpers I have been treated by to be effectively helping me to relieve pain with his help and my help too (exercises because he can't do it all), Let me explain.
First of all, Dr. Watson is warm, welcoming and funny (sense of humour used as distraction is one of his favourite tricks).
Dr. Watson combines techniques in a single treatment that may include massage, recognizing all my trigger points, spending a long time with me, helping me to have genuine hope. He is patient with his patients all the way and will demonstrate movements until I get things right. Dr. Watson is a doctor whose hands are gifted, with long fingers that seem to glide even when he has to hurt me. His hands, arms, legs, move all around me. I enjoy my treatment which isn't often said to these practitioners. I have accustomed myself with an inner voice which is Dr. Watson's .I imagine he wouldn't be pleased if I neglected to do my part, according to his instructions. So, just as he helps me during our sessions and has shown me how to evolve in helping him do his job by compassionately and with definite results, enhanced by spinal decompression , I continue the process at home. I know that he can't do everything without my help in building my strength, stretching my muscles, breathing properly. It sounds kind of funny, but as he explains everything before he does it, treating me like his assistant, although he doesn't need one. I have been treated by a lot of chiropractors and have no hesitation in recommending anyone with treatable conditions to come to see Dr. Watson, who is one of a kind. I feel it's important to let the person be aware and involved in recovering from acute and chronic conditions.

Barbera Fitchette

Trigenics Treatment Centre, is a conducive place for any kind of pains or inflammation of any kind. when I visited here sometimes in 2017, I never thought of any positive changes to my swollen right foot. I can hardly climb the stairs or stand for more than 30 minutes without complaining.Ever since visiting here, I have regained back my freedom. If you have any pains of any kind try TRIGENICS TREATMENT CENTRE. because you will highly be welcomed and accepted by the staff who are really professionals in what they are doing . Stop suffering and try a visit today and you will be glad you did.

Mercy Edigin

If you are looking for relief of shoulder or knee injury - this is the place., so happy with the results with knee treatment ~ the staff is very professional., THANK YOU !

Jackie Sales

I had been a national class athletic for years and even after retiring from competitive sports I continued to remain actively engaged in exercise and recreational sports. Then after a bout with tendinitis I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder. It was such a painful disability. I was so desperate to get better. I tried many therapies. Nothing cured the problem. I had months of painful sleepless nights and constant trouble with activities of daily living ( I.e. combing my hair; putting on a blouse, bathing, etc). I begun to lose fitness and my muscles began to atrophy. I knew if the conditioned continued my health would continue to fail.
So I tried trigenics-OAT procedure and it was a life saver. Immediately after the procedure I had greatly improved range of motion. I felt pain relief in an area of my shoulder that had been longstanding. I was so happy I thanked God. for using this procedure to restore my shoulder.
Now I am a month post OAT procedure and my shoulder is great. I have great range of motion and only mild pain at night when I sleep on the affected shoulder. The follow up after the procedure was great. They always responded and answered my questions.i am so pleased with the results. I do my exercises and my goal is to get in the best shape of my life. A shout out to Dr. O and the Trigenics team. Keep up the good work! May God continue to bless you all. There are no words to express my gratitude.

Michele Cuke

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