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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Trigenics® System?

Trigenics® is a soft-tissue manual treatment system. It is a neuromuscular assessment, treatment, and muscle retraining system. As a function of aging, or perhaps as a result of an injury, neurological muscular imbalances can be present in a person’s body whereby the nervous system isn’t sending proper signals to the muscles. This can result in lasting pain and disability. Trigenics® is a manual treatment system that addresses and corrects these neuromuscular imbalances.

How Does Trigenics® Work?

Simply put, if you have some kind of neuromuscular imbalance (often the root cause of pain, immobility, and disability) Trigenics® treatments restore the normal communication between the nervous system and your muscles. If you have muscles that are really tight. This means that they are receiving too many signals. Trigenics® lengthens those muscles. If you have muscles that are not firing properly or aren’t receiving the proper signals, those muscles are functionally weak. Trigenics® strengthens those muscles.

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