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Frozen Shoulder!

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

I had an injury to my right shoulder for nearly a year. This brought lots of pain and sleepless nights…I was miserable and some days I was depressed beyond words. I could not physically do anything with my right arm, except bend it forward at the elbow. I have a desk job. However, moving the mouse around was even a challenge. My elbow would begin hurting, and I would have to stop.

Hard to believe, I know!

I did seek medical attention. I was told it was frozen shoulder and this would eventually go away in a couple of years, maybe. I was sent to physical therapy. Unfortunately, it did not work! I was losing more mobility and the pain was becoming more debilitating in my shoulder.

I discovered a resolution to my frozen shoulder with Dr. Austin in Canada, and then I was referred to Richard for Trigenics® Therapy.

When I first met Richard, I could not move my right arm more than 50% in front of me, touch by back or even bend my arm behind me to loop a belt!

The good news is…..

Dr. Richard Curaci, has given me my life back!

I can’t say enough wonderful words about Richard, He was very compassionate and understanding of the pain I was experiencing. I did have Trigenics® treatments, and each time I was getting better. The Trigenics® technique and the different maneuvers he used to help manipulate my shoulder were incredible.

I am extremely happy to say that I can now raise my arm above my head. I no longer have frozen shoulder!!!

Trigenics® Therapy Works. Go see them!

Becky M

San Antonio, Texas


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